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2020-2021 Catalog 
2020-2021 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Economic Development and Training

District Assessment Center

The District Assessment Center (DAC), located at 601 East Main Street on the Raymond Campus, is a multi-functional testing facility authorized to deliver internet-based and paper/pencil national, state, and professional certifications, licensure, admissions and credentialing exams.  For more information, contact the DAC at 601.857.3384 or visit our website.

Cooperative Education

The Cooperative Education Program awards college credits (from 1 to 3 hours a semester) for on-the-job experience that is related to the student’s academic college major. The student combines periods of college with work periods in business and industry, as documented by the Office of Cooperative Education. These work periods are generally part-time, in the afternoons after classes (Parallel Program), but may be full-time, every other semester (Alternating Program).  A maximum of 12 hours total can be earned for the Co-op work experience.  Variable credit (1-3 hours) will be awarded on the basis of the number of hours worked per week. 

Students must complete a minimum of one semester, maintaining a grade point average of 2.0 or above to qualify for this program. Academic credit hours may be earned depending on the number of hours worked. Students must sign up for the Co-op course prior to the beginning of the semester they will be working. A document must be signed by the employer stating the specifics of the student’s employment in order for the student to receive credit for the course. These credit hours will be assigned by the Coordinator and may be used toward graduation from Hinds Community College. For more information, see Cooperative Education on the College website or contact the Coordinator of Cooperative Education at 601.857.3728.

Work-Based Learning

Work-Based Learning is an educational/training program for career and technical students which combines programs of study with structured on-the-job experiences. Through this program, Work-Based Learning students practice and develop skills and competencies which have been identified by participating businesses and industries. Work-Based Learning participants are better able to see the connection between education and work and are able to earn wages while learning from skilled professionals. This experience also allows students to test potential careers and provides exposure to expanded career possibilities.

All students must be recommended by their major instructor, and all work experience must be in the field of their major. Students must complete an application process, which includes an education/training agreement signed by the employer, the instructor, the student, and the Work-Based Learning Coordinator. Students will receive semester hour credit (maximum of 12 credit hours total) depending on the number of hours worked per week. For more information, see Work-Based Learning on the College website or contact the Coordinator of Work-Based Learning at 601.857.3728.

WIOA - Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) can help to fund certain training programs at Hinds Community College (HCC) and works through the local WIN Job Center and the Southcentral Mississippi Works Local Workforce Development Area (SMW).  The WIOA provides services such as employment training for adults, dislocated workers and youth.  The Workforce Investment Network (WIN) provides WIOA services in Mississippi through WIN Job Centers located in the state.  Hinds Community College, a partner of Mississippi Department of Employment Security (MDES), has a direct affiliation with three (3) WIN Centers: Jackson, Pearl, and Vicksburg.

The WIOA Program can provide federal aid to support an Individual Training Account (I.T.A.) (a type of scholarship) to qualifying students attending approved Career-Technical Programs at Hinds Community College.  WIOA is based on need and ability; however, it is not an entitlement program.  The WIOA goal is to equip students with professional skills and related credentials to successfully join the workforce in his or her chosen field of study and increase employment in Mississippi. For more information on WIOA and I.T.A.s, contact Beverly Trimble, 601.885.7136, BTrimble@hindscc.edu

Career Services

The Career Services Center assists current students and alumni by providing quality employment opportunities that enhance their academic experiences and professional preparation.  The center also helps with skills such as cover letter and resume writing, portfolio creation, interview preparation, professional dress, and networking.  For more information, visit the Career Center page of the Hinds website or call 601.857.3728.


Numerous internships are available in the program area of study as well as congressional internships and Disney internships. The most direct way for students to learn about these employment opportunities is through the Hinds Career Services Center, located at the Eagle Ridge Conference Center on the Raymond Campus. For more information, see Internships on the College website or call 601.857.3728.

Regional Resource Center

The Professional Development Institute is a major component of the Regional Resource Center (RRC). The mission of the Regional Resource Center and Professional Development Institute is to provide short courses, seminars, workshops and conferences that will meet education and community service needs. Contact Information: 601.857.3470 or 601.857.3335. 

K-12 educators needing CEU credits for re-certification information, call 601.857.3608.

Professional Development Contract Training

The Division of Economic Development and Training is available to create a training program for any group or workplace.  Customizing curriculum to meet the needs of companies or organizations to enhance employee performance is done by experienced staff. Some of the most requested training programs include communication skills, team-building, leadership and business etiquette.  Visit eagleridge.hindscc.edu for a list of topics that are available. For additional information, contact 601.857.3470.

Eagle Ridge Conference Center

The facilities at Eagle Ridge Conference Center are a venue for meetings, conventions, and events of all types.  The center offers meeting spaces from small conference rooms to a 200+ seat auditorium.  Eagle Ridge also has overnight accommodations, professional catering services, video conferencing and professional training staff on site. See the website at eagleridge.hindscc.edu to learn more about Eagle Ridge Conference Center or contact by calling 601.857.7100.

Workforce Development Training

Strong economic development requires that business and industry have access not only to a skilled work force but also training to well-educated and highly motivated workers. Hinds Community College established the Economic Development and Training office to work with local business, industry, and government to expand the economic base through customized training, consulting, and development.

Industrial training can initiate a wide range of customized, employer sponsored training for new or existing business and industry in a start-up, retraining, or upgrade training mode. State funds are available to support many of these programs when they are used for new and expanded industry. Contact should be made by calling 601.857.3534.

Small Business Development Center and International Trade Center

The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and International Trade Center (ITC) provide one-to-one confidential counseling and training assistance in all aspects of small business management and international trade. SBDC services range from help with financial, marketing, production, organization, and technical problems to the development of feasibility studies. The ITC provides assistance on “how to” export and import. Special programs exist for inventors with patentable products, procurement of matching assistance, business financing information, and small business incubators. For information, call 601.857.3581.

Institute for Life-Long Learning – Creative Learning Fifty-Plus Program

Creative Learning Fifty-Plus is an organization for 50+ adults, which provides fun and unique learning experiences in areas of their interests. Classes are conducted at the Raymond Campus. CL Fifty-Plus has a progressive computer program designed specifically for the 50+ learner from beginner levels such as Basic I & II, Internet, and MS Word to more advanced offerings such as MS Picture It and Photo Shop. Examples of other courses offered are: Art, History, Comparative Religions, Instant Piano, Languages and more. Peer-led discussion groups covering various topics of interest to the participants as well as Dulcimer classes, “Wellness Works”-wellness program, volunteer opportunities, and travel are available. CL Fifty-Plus is also an AARP Safe Drivers sponsor site. For more information, contact the CL Fifty-Plus Coordinator at 601.857.3773.