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2021-2022 Catalog 
2021-2022 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Technical and Career Programs

Minimum Requirements for an AAS Degree

The following minimum requirements for an Associate of Applied Science Degree reflect the basic requirements set forth for an associate degree by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges and the Mississippi Community College Board. These requirements apply to all AAS degree programs which follow.  See Academic section of catalog for full definition of General Education Core. 


AAS Degree General Education Core Requirements


ENG 1033  OR  ENG 1113  and SPT 1113  OR  SPT 2173  

6 Hours


MAT 1033  OR MAT 1313  OR higher numbered (except MAT-1723, MAT-1733, MAT-1743)

0-3 Hours*

Scientific Reasoning

Any Lab Science - Lab required (AGR, BIO, CHE, GLY, OR  PHY)

0-4 Hours*

Humanities/Fine Arts

ENG Literature (Any 3 Hours) OR  HIS (Any 3 Hours) OR  Fine Arts (Any 3 Hours) OR Humanities (Any 3 Hours)

3 Hours**

Human Social/Behavioral

Three (3) hours from: ECO 2113 , ECO 2123 , PSY 2533 , GEO 1113 , GEO 1123 , PSC 1113 , PSY 1513 SOC 2113 , OR  HIS (any) 

3 Hours



15-16 Hours

 *Must take either Computational/Reasoning OR Scientific Reasoning course

**Any HIS course; Literature course; ART 1113 , MUS 1113 , SPT 2233 , DAN 1113 , DAN 1123 , PHI 2113 , PHI 2123 , PHI 2713 , HUM 1113 , OR  any MFL (except MFL-2243)

In addition to the above core requirements, students will complete Program of Study requirements as well as Approved Program Electives to receive an Associate of Applied Science Degree.

***Additional Graduation Requirement: Any student (first-time, transfer, and part-time) who begins at Hinds Fall 2007 and later will be required to take Orientation (LLS 1312/RST 1312) to graduate from the College. Exception: Orientation credit (1-3 hrs) transferred to Hinds from another college will satisfy our orientation requirement.

Note:  Developmental courses cannot be used as electives to meet graduation requirements. For a list of developmental courses, see Admissions section of this publication.  Associate in Science Degree, Career (Vocational) Certificate and Technical Certificate students are required to take an Occupation-Specific Review Course(s) and Assessment(s) as part of their program of study unless a program of study requires a certification or licensure examination for professional practice.

Program of StudyCareer CertificateTechnical Certificate Associate of Applied Science Campus Locations
Agribusiness Management Technology   VC-AMT TC-AMT AAS-AMT       X      
  Animal Science Technology - Beef Production   VC-ASTB TC-ASTB AAS-ASTB       X      
  Animal Science Technology - Poultry Production   VC-ASTP TC-ASTP AAS-ASTP       X      
  Precision Agriculture Technology   VC-PAT TC-PAT AAS-PAT       X      
Automotive Machinist Technology   VC-AM TC-AM AAS-OE       X      
Automotive Technology    VC-AT TC-AT AAS-OE     X X X X  
Aviation Maintenance Technology     TC-AVMT AAS-AVMT       X      
Aviation Technology  Options:                    
  Air Traffic Control Technology VC-ANT TC-ANT AAS-ANT       X      
  Airport Operations Technology VC-ANT TC-ANT AAS-ANT       X      
  Aviation Security Technology VC-ANT TC-ANT AAS-ANT       X      
  Unmanned Aerial Systems Technology (UAS) VC-ANT TC-ANT AAS-ANT       X      
Banking and Finance Technology  ¤  VC-BFT TC-BFT AAS-BFT X           X
Barber/Stylist     TC-BS AAS-OE       X X    
Barbering Instructor Training   VC-BIT             X    
Brick, Block and Stonemasonry Technology    VC-BBS TC-BBS AAS-OE       X      
Business and Office Technology Options:                    
  Business and Office Technology - Accounting Technology    VC-ATO TC-ATO AAS-ATO X   X X   X X
  Business and Office Technology - Administrative Office Technology   VC-OST TC-OST AAS-OST X   X X X X X
  Business and Office Technology - Business Management Technology   VC-BMGT TC-BMGT AAS-BMGT X   X X   X X
  Business and Office Technology - Medical Data Technology   VC-MDT TC-MDT AAS-MDT X   X       X
Carpentry Technology    VC-RC TC-RC AAS-OE     X X X    
Clothing and Fashion Design   VC-CTS TC-CTS AAS-OE         X    
Collision Repair Technology   VC-CRT TC-CRT AAS-OE     X X X    
Commercial Truck and Bus Driving   VC-DTV           X      
Computer Support Specialist Technology   VC-CST TC-CST AAS-CST X            
Cosmetology     TC-CSMT AAS-OE         X    
Cosmetology Instructor Training   VC-CIT             X    
Criminal Justice, AAS  (see Academic Programs)     AAS-CJ             X
Dental Assisting Technology     TC-DAT AAS-DAT    *          
Diagnostic Medical Sonography       AAS-DMS    *          
Diesel Equipment Technology   VC-DET TC-DET AAS-DET       X      
Early Childhood Education Technology   VC-CDT TC-CDT AAS-CDT X   X   X  X  
Electrical Technology   VC-ET TC-ET AAS-ET     X   X    X  
Electronics and Related Engineering Technology Options:                    
  Electronics and Related Engineering Technology - Biomedical Equipment Repair Technology   VC-BTO TC-BTO AAS-BTO       X      
  Electronics and Related Engineering Technology - Electronics Technology   VC-ETO TC-ETO AAS-ETO X     X X    
  Electronics and Related Engineering Technology - Telecommunications Technology   VC-TT TC-TT AAS-TT X            
Emergency Medical Sciences - Paramedic       AAS-EMS   *          
Engineering Drafting and Design Technology    VC-DT TC-DT AAS-DT X     X      
Entertainment Media Technology Options:                    
  Entertainment Media Technology - Animation and Simulation Design Technology   VC-IMD TC-IMD AAS-IMD     X      X  
  Entertainment Media Technology - Entertainment Industry Mechanics   VC-EIM TC-EIM AAS-EIM          X    
  Entertainment Media Technology - Film and Video Technology   VC-FVT TC-FVT AAS-FVT     X        
Graphic Design Technology   VC-GDT TC-GDT AAS-GDT       X      
Health Care Assistant   VC-HCA       *          
Health Information Technology   (Medical Records)     AAS-HIT   *          
Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning, and Refrigeration Technology   VC-HAC TC-HAC AAS-HAC        X      
Hospitality and Tourism Management Technology Options:                    
  Hospitality and Tourism Management Technology - Culinary Arts Technology   VC-CAT TC-CAT AAS-CAT X   X   X  X  
  Hospitality and Tourism Management Technology - Hotel and Restaurant Management Technology   VC-HRM TC-HRM AAS-HRM X   X        
  Hospitality and Tourism Management Technology - Travel and Tourism Management Technology   VC-TTMT TC-TTMT AAS-TTMT X            
Industrial Maintenance Technology Options:                    
  Electro-Mechanical Technology   VC-ELMT TC-ELMT AAS-ELMT     X X X  X  
  Industrial Mechanics & Maintenance Technology   VC-IMT TC-IMT AAS-IMT     X X X X  
Information Systems Technology Options:                    
  Information Systems Technology - Computer Networking Technology   VC-CNT TC-CNT AAS-CNT X   X X     X
  Information Systems Technology - Computer Programming Technology   VC-CPT TC-CPT AAS-CPT     X X X X X
  Information Systems Technology - Cyber Security Technology   VC-IST TC-IST AAS-IST     X X    X X
  Information Systems Technology - Software Engineering Technology   VC-SENT TC-SENT AAS-SENT     X X X X X
Interpreter Training Technology   VC-ITT TC-ITT AAS-ITT       X      
Logistics Technology   (Transportation) VC-LGT TC-LGT AAS-LGT X            
Marketing Management Technology Options:                    
  Marketing Management Technology - General Marketing Management Technology   VC-MMT TC-MMT AAS-MMT     X       X
  Marketing Management Technology - Real Estate Technology       AAS-RET             X
Meat Merchandising Technology   VC-MM TC-MM AAS-OE       X      
Medical Laboratory Technology       AAS-MLT   *          
Nursing Science - Associate Degree Nursing Program, AAS       AAS-ADN   * *        
Nursing Science - Associate Degree Nursing Program, AAS  (Transition to RN)     AAS-ADNTRAN   *       *  
Paralegal Technology   VC-PLT TC-PLT AAS-PLT X           X
Physical Therapist Assistant        AAS-PTA    *          
Plumbing and Construction Technology   VC-PCT TC-PCT AAS-PCT      X        
Practical Nursing   VC-PN       *  *     *  
Precision Manufacturing and Engineering Technology    VC-MS TC-MS AAS-OE       X   X  
Radio and Television Production and Broadcasting Technology   VC-RTPB TC-RTPB AAS-RTPB     X   X    
Radiologic Technology (Radiography)       AAS-RT   *          
Respiratory Care Technology       AAS-RCT   *          
Surgical Technology       AAS-ST   *          
Veterinary Technology       AAS-VT       *      
Welding and Cutting Technology    VC-WC  TC-WC  AAS-OE   X    X X X  X  



Campus Locations

  JK - Academic/Technical Center RK - Rankin Campus UT - Utica Campus
  NA - Nursing Allied Health Center  RY - Raymond Campus VB - Vicksburg Campus
  OL - entire program available in online format  


   See Programs of Study  for a description of Certificates and Degrees.

¤ Denotes a part-time Business, Industry and Government (BIG) Services program with selected courses offered on demand only.

* Denotes special admissions application process or requirement. See Admissions  pages in this Catalog and specific programs of study.