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2024-2025 Catalog 
2024-2025 Catalog

Student Activities and Organizations

Hinds Community College promotes and provides several student publications and a wide variety of activities and organizations. These groups include religious, social, service, academic, and interest orientations to meet student needs. Campus or center student organizations, managed by students under faculty guidance, afford opportunities for growth in character, citizenship, leadership, and social poise. The activities, organizations, and publications are listed according to availability at a respective campus, branch or center. See complete listings and the Student Publications Policy in the Student Handbook.

Student Organizations

Statement of Student Participation in Institutional Affairs

The students of Hinds Community College are afforded the right to participate in the College’s affairs via the Student Government. Recommendations passed by the Student Government are forwarded to the Dean of Student Services for consideration by the Student Services Council. The Dean of Student Services then forwards the recommendations to the appropriate council for consideration, and they are then forwarded to the President of the College for his decision.

Student Government Association

The associated student body consists of all students enrolled in Hinds Community College. The Student Government Association (SGA) serves the student body by presenting student input through elections, special activities, intramurals, clubs, organizations, local senates, and SGA Committees.

Each local senate is a part of the Student Government Association. Therefore, each local senate is governed by the Student Government Association Constitution which governs all local senates and their bylaws. Each local senate shall be responsible for choosing representatives to the Student Government Association. Members of the Student Government Association must maintain a per semester grade point average of 2.50 on a 4.00 scale. For more information, contact the Operating Dean at the respective location, the SGA Advisor at 601.857.3371 or the Division of Student Services at 601.857.3232. The number of representatives will be exactly twenty-four (24) and the number of representatives from each location will vary with the incorporation of additional local senates into the Student Government Association. (See each location section in the Student Handbook for information concerning local senates.)

Creating a New Organization

Any (all) potentially new organizations or clubs must complete an Application for a Proposed Student Organization by initiating sponsor and submit to the Director of Student Recreation or Dean of Students. Applications for Proposed Student Organization forms are available from the Director of Student Recreation or the Dean of Students Office.

Registration of Organization/Officer Roster/Constitution

Each year all organizations which wish to remain active organizations on campus must register their desire by completing a form that lists the current officers and the faculty advisor. It is the newly elected president’s responsibility to file the roster of newly elected officers with the Division of Student Services within ten (10) days of an election. Failure to comply with this regulation may result in a loss of recognition on campus. New officers should verify that the constitution on file is current. Student organizations shall furnish to the Division of Student Services, upon request, any information which it considers necessary for administration such as constitution, list of officers, faculty advisor, schedule of activities, etc.


All student organizations shall have two or more advisors of the faculty, staff, or administration who maintain contact with the organization’s activities and functions. Serving as an advisor is an active responsibility which includes supervising all activities, events, fundraising, community service, and campus financial account. Financial accounts are to be signed by two persons (advisor, officer, dean or department head). Faculty/staff advisors should be thoroughly acquainted with the objectives and policies of the College. Their participation with the organization is an important mentor relationship where the advisors give advice and assistance to the student group(s).  Regulation and control will be limited to the minimum necessary to protect freedom of expression, democratic process, and compliance with College policy. Fraternities, sororities, or other secret societies are prohibited.

Regulations for Speakers from Off-Campus

  1. A request to invite an outside speaker will be considered only when made by an organized student or faculty group recognized by the head of the College.
  2. No invitation by such organized group shall be issued to an outside speaker without prior written concurrence by the Director of Student Recreation or Dean of Students or campus Dean for scheduling of speaker, dates, and assignments of Campus facilities. This college representative will secure final approval of the Vice President and President.
  3. Any speaker request shall be made in writing by an officer of the student or faculty organization desiring to sponsor the proposed speaker not later than ten (10) calendar days prior to the date of the proposed speaking engagement. This request shall contain the name of the sponsoring organization, the proposed date, time, and location of the meeting, and the expected size of the audience.

Campus Solicitation Regulations (Sales, political activities, fliers, etc.)

Campus solicitation of students/student organizations or by students/student organizations includes selling of goods or services, political activities, posters, handouts, and unrecognized group membership canvas. This definition applies to activities by any on-campus or off-campus individual or group. Private business or solicitation may not be conducted on College premises, residence halls, or academic buildings except when a student organization has requested a particular service and when such service is directly relevant to the purpose of that organization. Ten days prior approval must be obtained. Such requests must be directed to the Dean of Students or operating dean and must meet the following conditions:

  1. Activities do not conflict with the educational purposes of the College.
  2. No door-to-door solicitation is permitted in academic or administrative buildings.
  3. No disruption of traffic either vehicular or pedestrian is involved.
  4. All fund raisers must be pre-approved by the Director of Student Recreation as well as the local campus Dean of Students.  The “Fund Raiser” form can be acquired from the Director of Student Recreation.  After the fund raiser event is over, the form must be resubmitted with the total profit included.
  5. Campus mail may not be used for political or religious information or fundraising.

For more information on these matters, see the Student Handbook

Intercollegiate Athletics

Hinds Community College is a member of the Mississippi Junior College Athletic Association and National Junior College Athletic Association. Varsity Athletics include: Football, Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Baseball, Fast Pitch Softball, Men’s and Women’s Soccer, Golf, Men’s and Women’s Tennis, Men’s and Women’s Track and Women’s Cross Country. Varsity Athletics are open to students from any of the Hinds Community College campuses. For more information on HCC athletics, see the official website. Information on athletic scholarships can be found in Scholarship  section of this publication or contact the Athletic Department at 601.857.3325.