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2013-2014 Catalog 
2013-2014 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Campus Safety


 District Emergency Procedures

Emergencies whether man-made or natural, can occur at anytime and for any reason.  Hinds Community College strives to keep our students, faculty, staff, and visitors safe at all times.  Hinds Community College’s Emergency Alert System is called EagleOne Alerts.  The EagleOne Alert Network uses SMS/Voices messages, Emails, Emergency Info Line (601.857.3600), Hinds CC EagleOne Website, Local Media and Eagle Vision to communicate vital information to let students and staff know when there is an emergency on or around campus and what they need to do to be safe. More information about the EagleOne Alert Network and how to sign up for alerts can be found at http://eagleone.hindscc.edu/.   The EagleOne Alert Network is tested on the first day of every month at noon (weather permitting).

Further information concerning the  emergency operation of the Hinds Community College District can be found under the “What Do I Do If” section of the EagleOne Alert website at http://eagleone.hindscc.edu/ and also in the Student Handbook.

Campus Public Safety

Campus Public Safety is provided by a College-employed staff of MS Certified Police Officers and Campus Security officers supplemented with contract security officers.  It is the hope of the Police Departments to assist our students in succeeding with their goals of educational excellence.

The Hinds Community College Police Departments have adopted a “Community Policing” philosophy in order to ensure the safety and security of our students and campus employees and visitors.  The Police Department strives to work with faculty, staff and students to ensure a safe environment where students can learn, study and grow in all areas.

More information about Campus Public Safety can be found at http://www.hindscc.edu/Departments/campus_police/default.aspx .

Crime-Emergency Reporting Policy and Response

Current Hinds Community College District Policy requires that members of the college community report all criminal actions and other emergencies to the Campus Police/Security Department.  The Campus Police/Security Department or location Dean’s Office will initiate an immediate response to any reported emergency.  If circumstances require expertise or assistance beyond the Campus Police/Security’s abilities, the Campus Police/Security or location Dean’s office will immediately notify and request assistance from local law enforcement or other emergency services via telephone or radio. 

There is an Anonymous Confidential Crime Report located on the Campus Public Safety Page at http://www.hindscc.edu/Departments/campus_police/default.aspx.  This page is not intended to replace the normal crime reporting process.  The form is provided as a special service for those who wish to report criminal activity confidentially.  CPS Office personnel will not contact you because they will not know who you are, unless you provide that information to them. 

Further Information

A full publication has been given to students and employees to meet the requirements of  federal law since September 1, 1993 concerning crime report data and drug/alcohol information. Beginning in 2000, these documents have been available on the Hinds website. Beginning in fall 2009, an email announcement with links to the “It’s Your Right to Know-Clery Crime Report-Emergency Information” and “Drug/Alcohol Information: Penalties, Symptoms, Laws, Consequences and Assistance” is sent to students and employees.