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2022-2023 Catalog 
2022-2023 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

About Hinds

History of Hinds Community College

The College’s history began in September 1917 when Hinds County Agricultural High School opened in the small town of Raymond.  These humble beginnings included an Administration Building, two dormitories and a dairy barn, eight faculty members and 117 students.  Today Hinds is the largest community college and the fourth largest institution of higher learning in the state of Mississippi.

Under the tenure of six distinctive presidents, each bringing his own improvements and expansions to the College, Hinds has continuously evolved to meet the ever-changing needs of the communities it serves.  Upon the retirement of Dr. Clyde Muse who served the College for 42 years, Dr. Stephen Vacik assumed leadership on July 1, 2020, as the seventh president of Hinds Community College.  Dr. Vacik has nearly 25 years of experience working in various roles with community colleges in four states and is passionate about the importance of developing and nurturing the relationship between the community, business and industry, and the college.  His goal of maintaining and establishing a further legacy is centered around the motto of “Be Better, Be Different, Be Purposeful.”

Hinds Community College is a comprehensive two-year public educational institution serving nearly 30,000 students in credit and non-credit programs each year.  The College meets the needs of both traditional and non-traditional students with flexible scheduling options and an array of online classes.

In 1982, Utica Junior College, under federal court order, merged with Hinds to form an educational institution of even greater prosperity in enrollment, facilities, program offerings and community service.  The merger also saw an increased diversity in options available to students.

The Hinds college district includes six locations that serve the counties of Claiborne, Copiah, Hinds, Rankin, and Warren in west central Mississippi.  Those who live in one of these areas are no more than 30 miles from one of these college sites.  These locations include two Jackson campuses-the Academic/Technical Center and Nursing/Allied Health Center - and the Rankin, Raymond, Utica and Vicksburg-Warren campuses.  The College also operates the Pearl-Rankin Career-Technical Center on the Rankin Campus and the Vicksburg-Warren County Career-Technical Center at the Vicksburg-Warren Campus.

Students who complete academic coursework designed for transfer to senior colleges and universities are awarded an Associate in Arts degree; while an Associate in Applied Science degree is awarded to those students who complete two-year technical or applied science curriculums.  Students completing 30 (or more) credit hours in a career and technical program receive a Career Certificate; while students completing 45 (or more) credit hours in a career and technical program receive a Technical Certificate.

The College remains dedicated to the ensuring that education is accessible and affordable to the common citizen.  Relying on this fundamental formula will ensure future generations have the opportunity to pursue a better life and continue the legacy that began more than 100 years ago. 


Vision Statement

Hinds Community College will be a catalyst to create a competitive economy and a compelling culture for Mississippi.

Mission Statement

Hinds Community College is committed to moving people and communities forward by helping develop their purpose, passion and profession.

Our Values

Hinds Community College aspires to the following IDEALS:









Executive Leadership Team

Stephen Vacik, B.A., M.A. Ed.D. President
Sherry Bellmon, B.S., M.S., Ed.S.
Vice President of Instruction/Career and Technical Education
Keri Cole, A.A., B.B.A, M.B.A., Ed.D. Vice President of Planning, Effectiveness, and Technology
Renee Cotton, A.A.S., B.S., M.B.A. Chief of Staff
Andrea Janoush, B.B.A., M.B.A. Vice President of Human Resources
Matthew (Matt) Jones, A.A., B.S.E., M.Ed. Executive Director of the Hinds Community College Foundation
Jennifer M. Miles, B.S., M.A., Ed.D. Vice President of Student Services
Marvin Moak, B.S., M.S. Vice President of Facilities Management and Auxiliary Services
Vic Parker, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Vice President of Finance
Ginger Robbins, A.A., B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Executive Director of Governmental Affairs
Thomas E. Ware, B.A., M.A., M.A., Ed.D. Vice President of Instruction/Academics and Transfer Programs