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2010-2011 Catalog 
2010-2011 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Technical Programs

Minimum Requirements for an AAS Degree

The following minimum requirements for an Associate of Applied Science Degree reflect the basic requirements set forth for an associate degree by both the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and the State Board for Community and Junior Colleges. These requirements apply to all AAS degree programs which follow.

General Education Core* 

15 SH

English Composition I (ENG 1113) 

3 SH
  Math or Science (a Level 4* math or higher OR a BIO, CHE, GLY, or PHY course**) 3/4 SH
    * Level 4 math consists of College Algebra and higher level numbered math courses except MAT 1723 , MAT 1733 , and MAT 1743 .  
    ** Science elective must include a minimum of one credit hour/two contact hours of laboratory experience  
  Social or Behavioral Science (an EPY, GEO, PSC, PSY or SOC course)   3 SH
  Fine Arts (ART 1113 , MUS 1113 , MUS 1123 , SPT 2233 , DAN 1113 , DAN 1123 )  
    OR Humanities (a History; an MFLcourse except MFL 2243 ; PHI 2113 , PHI 2123 , PHI 2713 ; HUM 1113 ; any Literature) 3 SH
  Public Speaking I or Interpersonal Communication (SPT 1113  or SPT 2173 ) 3 SH
Associate in Applied Science Major Courses (Program of Study) 24 SH
Orientation - RST 1312     or   2 SH
Approved Program Electives** 23 SH
   Total 64/65 SH

* See Academic Section of Catalog for full definition of General Education Core

** Developmental courses cannot be used as electives to meet graduation requirements. For a list of developmental courses, see Admissions  of this publication.

Associate in Applied Science Degree, Career Certificate, and Technical Certificate students are required to take an Occupation-Specific Assessment as part of their program of study, unless a program of study requires a certification or licensure examination for professional practice.

One-Year and Two-Year Technical Certificates and Two-Year Technical Associate in Applied Science Deg

One-Year and Two-Year Technical Certificates and Two-Year Technical Associate in Applied Science Degee Programs

Program Title (Major)
TC Code

AAS Code
Class Section Location Codes
Agribusiness Management Technology TC-AMT AAS-AMT       X    
Air Traffic Control Technology   AAS-AAT     X      
Aviation Maintenance Technology TC-AVM AAS-AVMT       X    
Avionics Technology   AAS-AVT       X    
Banking and Finance Technology *   AAS-BFT X          
Business and Marketing Management Technology Options:                

General Marketing Management Technology

  AAS-MMT     X X    

Real Estate Technology *

  AAS-RET     EVE      

Fashion Marketing Management Technology

TC-FMT AAS-FMT     X X    
Business and Office Technology Options:                

Accounting Technology


Insurance Technology

  AAS-INS     X      

Medical Billing and Coding Technology

  AAS-MBCT X          

Medical Office Technology

  AAS-MOT X   X      

Microcomputer Technology

  AAS-MT X   X X X  

Office Systems Technology

Construction Engineering Technology   AAS-CET X     X X  
Court Reporting Technology Options:                

Judicial Reporting

  AAS-CR       X    


  AAS-CR       X    

CART (Computer-Aided Realtime Technology)

  AAS-CR       X    
Dental Assisting Technology   TC-DAT AAS-DAT          
Diagnostic Medical Sonography   AAS-DMS          
Diesel Equipment Technology   AAS-DET       X    
Drafting and Design Technology Options:                

Architectural Drafting Technology

  AAS-ADT X     X X  

Architectural Engineering Technology

  AAS-AET X     X X  

General Drafting Technology

  AAS-DT X     X X  

Geographic Information Systems Technology

TC-GIST AAS-GIST X          

Land Surveying

  AAS-LS       X    
Early Childhood Development Technology   AAS-CDT X   X   X  
Electronics and Related Engineering Technology Options:                

Biomedical Technology

  AAS-BTO       X    

Computer Servicing Technology

TC-CST AAS-CST X          

Electronics Technology

  AAS-ETO X     X X  

Telecommunications Technology

  AAS-TT X          
Electrical Technology TC-ET AAS-ET     X X   X
Emergency Medical Technology - Paramedic TC-EMTP AAS-EMTP          
Food Production and Management Technology   AAS-FPM         X  
Graphic Design Technology   AAS-GDT       X    
Health Information Technology (Medical Records)   AAS-HIT          
Heating and Air Conditioning Technology TC-HAC AAS-HAC       X    
Hospitality and Tourism Management Technology Options:                

Culinary Arts Technology

TC-CAT AAS-CAT X          

Hotel and Restaurant Management Technology

TC-HRM AAS-HRM X          

Travel and Tourism Management Technology

TC-TTMT AAS-TTMT X          
Interpreter Training Technology   AAS-ITT       X    
Information Systems Technology:                

Computer Programming Technology

  AAS-CPT     X X  

Computer Network Technology

  AAS-CNT     X X    

Database Administration

  AAS-DBT     X X X  

Network Security

  AAS-IST     X X    
Landscape Management Technology: TC-LMT AAS-LMT       X    

Irrigation Management Technology

TC-IRM AAS-IRM       X    

Small Engine and Equipment Technology

TC-TEM AAS-TEM       X    
Medical Assisting Technology   AAS-MAT          
Medical Laboratory Technology   AAS-MLT          
Nursing (see Academic Section)   AAS-ADN      
Paralegal Technology   AAS-PLT X     X    
Pharmacy Technology   AAS-PHM          
Physical Therapist Assistant Technology   AAS-PTA          
Plumbing and Construction Technology   AAS-PCT     X      
Radio / Television Production & Broadcasting Technology   AAS-RTPB         X  
Radiologic Technology   AAS-RT          
Respiratory Care Technology   AAS-RCT          
Surgical Technology TC-ST AAS-ST          
Veterinary Technology   AAS-VT       X    


  1. * Denotes a part-time Business, Industry and Government (BIG) Services program with selected courses offered on demand only.
  2. ✸ Denotes special admissions application process/requirement required through Nursing/Allied Health Center or Rankin Campus. See pages in this Catalog.
  3. 1+1 Denotes a two-year program with an employability exit point after one year.

JK-Academic Technical

RK-Rankin UT-Utica

NA-Nursing Allied Health

RY-Raymond VB-Vicksburg

Technical Programs of Study